Saturday, September 26, 2015

Paper Pumpkin September 2015: Wickedly Sweet

Ok, first of all, I think I'm always the LAST person on the planet to get my monthly Paper Pumpkin! I see so many of you checking my site for the case insert and I haven't even received it yet! I just got this one 2 days ago, but we ALSO got the flu that day, so pardon the delay.
Anyway, these little treat bags are SO adorable!!! My first thought was it needed a caramel apple inside there, but it would have to be a pretty small apple, and besides, the best part of a caramel apple is the caramel, so candy it is!!!

Usually I try to change things up a bit with the kit, but this month's is all about the treat bag. The stamp set however, is going to make some fun little fall cards! My favorite part is that tiny little acorn! PERFECT to coordinate with that cute acorn punch and set in the Holiday catalog! There are lots of little pieces to the stamp set and I highly recommend playing with different colors of ink to create something unique and fun!

Speaking of unique and fun, my kit was 1 bag short, so I had an extra fringe piece. I'm thinking of turning it into a grass skirt on a card for my sister that lives in Hawaii. Aloha!
Since we're all about gifts with this months kit, here's YOUR gift! A free printable case insert! Just right click and save before in order to print it full size. You can find all the inserts by clicking on "Paper Pumpkin" or "case insert" at the bottom of this post or to the right of the site. Thanks for stopping by!