Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Halloween Treat Legs & All Season Thank yous!

Boring title, I know. NOT boring projects though. Maybe they used up all my creativity for the week. Or maybe my brain has given up knowing that vacation is 3 days away. Hallelujah! Or MAYBE it's because I stayed up until 11:30 hanging out with the girls (which sounds so early to my younger self)! It IS possible that the answer is D- all of the above.

So the Wreath Event has now taken place! (But don't worry, you CAN still buy the wreath kit!) The plan was to also make these cute witch leg treats, but we just had so much fun we ran out of time! So that will be my little gift to the attendees. 
Product List
Heat Tool
Sticky Strip
That AND a little thank you. I was totally taken by surprise when Nikki asked if my cards were for sale. What? MY cards? Sure you can buy them! So people actually use these things? They don't just collect them? Just kidding. I really do send an occasional card or two. It's just that I also MAKE an occasional card or fifty. haha.

Product List (and yes I did use retired ribbon dang it! I love that stuff!)

Product List
2013-2015 In Color Core'dinations
2013-2015 In Color Core'dinations

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