Thursday, January 8, 2015

Interior Design Moment

2015 is unfolding before our eyes. If you know me at all, you KNOW I'll be planning some decorating mayhem. I'm not sure what exactly that will look like this year, but I do know it will involve a few things: PURPLE and PAINT, and hopefully something spa-like in my Master Suite.

Right now my home is hovering in the boring zone. I've got to add some COLOR here! (In other words, personality.) I've decided on turquoise as an accent color, but those front rooms need some bold paint...and when I say bold I do NOT mean bright. I do, however, mean purple. Pretty sure this is going to be one of those "ask for forgiveness rather than permission" kind of things.

The overall house will keep the same feel of course. My frenchie neutrals are just so me. I just need to make it MORE me by adding some pizzazz. Sass. Whatever you want to call it.

BM Caponata
My silver nightstand will look fabulous with this color.
Perfect color palette!
Add a bright citron for spring & turquoise for summer

Fall palette inspiration
switch that to a nice sunset orange for Fall
...ooh my old orange curtains would have been perfect!
Dang it.
yep that's it. Winter palette
and back to a nice neutral (but shiny!) gold for winter.
Am I crazy? Who cares, I'm in love! 

and I'm pretty sure I need this rug.

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