Friday, August 21, 2015

Paper Pumpkin August 2015: Chalk it Up To Love

Oh. My. Word. These kits just keep getting cuter and cuter!!! Do you agree??? What GORGEOUS paper in this one!!! And those gift boxes!!! Oh the gifting possibilities. Washi tape, Macarons, homemade chocolates, the list is endless. I'm curious what you plan on gifting in your boxes? And those cards.... so shiny and pretty! I hesitate to use this cardstock up, but there's always the refills! Definitely stocking up on this one!
Enough dreaming, I promised you a case insert today, and I haven't had time to play with all that shiny goodness yet. Instead I spent the entire day with my kids. The LAST time before one of them heads off to school! *sniff* Soon I'll have lots and lots of time to create while I miss my little buddy. The kid is going to be showered in paper gifts & cards when he gets home everyday! Not to mention his teacher... (who we met yesterday and is wonderful!!!) She may be the first to receive one of these beautiful boxes...full of macarons...if they make it through my emotional eating...maybe we'll stick to school supplies...really. Anything would look beautiful in there!

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