Friday, October 16, 2015

Craft Room Tour (Don't get too comfortable!)

Ah the lovely coveted craft room. Do you drool over all those beautiful, charming, perfectly neat and organized spaces on Pinterest like I do? I love seeing a beautiful space. And I HAVE a beautiful space. An upstairs guest room all to myself. Full of fun tools and supplies, and a fabulous desk space, and lots of shelf space... and you know what? I never use it! Never say never, but it's a rare day when I really AM able to use the space without being interrupted. So, I'm giving it up.


It's a beautiful functional space, but it doesn't function so well for me. Occasionally, I can hide-away in my office undisturbed, but most of the time I have a family that needs me. And every once in awhile we DO need a guest room... so, I decided it was time to relocate my office to a main area of the house where I can get my craft on while
still being awesome-multi-tasker-mom.  The man of the house wasn't too excited about all the above being moved into the front room of the house. (I believe my reaction here sounded a little like "you dare doubt my abilities?") I then came up with two presentations. 1- We could spend thousands of dollars and turn it into a dining room/hidden office or 2- I could buy this amazing desk for $100 off Craigslist and it could be more "cozy library" feel. (Either way would have been fine with me.)
We decided on the desk.

(Can you believe this beauty was only $100??? NO I am NOT going to paint it! It's so beautiful!!! I can't wait to organize my toys in all those little cubbies!)

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