Friday, February 19, 2016

Paper Pumpkin December 2015: One Great Year - January 2016: Cute Conversations

December is always a crazy month, so why did I make it crazier by planning a 1500 mile roadtrip??? Cuz I'm crazy. That's why. I still have projects to catch up on, and decorations to put away. Yep. They're sitting in a corner in the disaster area otherwise known as the playroom, which SHOULD be called the "storage room" since there is no room to play and the toys of choice usually end up downstairs where there's room to play. It's always my last room to clean in the house, because let's be honest...A) the effort is in vain and B) PRIORITIES.

Yes, priorities.

Spending Christmas and New Year's with Anya & Bampa. THIS is why we spent a week driving. (4 days there, 2 or 3 back) And yes, I realize flying would have been less exhausting, but waaaay more expensive (especially when you take into account that we would have had to pay for about a million suitcases. Christmas = STUFF). Anyway,  more on that trip in a later post once I get that mini project life album done! (Hopefully sometime before next Christmas!!!)

Alas, with all the festivities, my Paper Pumpkin has taken a backseat. In fact, I think I did bring it along in the backseat... and never got around to playing with it. Until now. Well, I still haven't put December's kit together, but the kids had fun making their own creative Valentine's with January's kit.

It was so much fun watching them grin as they made special Valentine's for each person in our family. Normally, I would have been cringing as they smudged that ink or glued that embellishment in the "wrong" spot, but this time I let go and enjoyed the memories being made. Because, hey, priorities. There's also the fact that my yearly theme happens to be Let Go...well it's more than that. It can only be explained by a picture:

 or two.

I'm pretty sure I gasped so loud that I stopped breathing for a minute when I first saw this. Love it. It represents so much. It reminds me that I'm not just letting go, I'm putting my faith in God. The creator of mountains and oceans created me and is aware of me. He will work wonders if I will stand back and LET him take control. I can't wait to see where we will go.

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