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Friday, July 1, 2016

LOAD of Paper Pumpkins!!!

Holy Moly this was 5 years ago!!!
Oh my goodness. So, I keep going back and forth with Paper Pumpkin. Should I continue to make the case inserts? Should I continue my subscription? Yes? No? Well here's what I decided after my New Catalog Kickoff party: even though some of my monthly boxes sit collecting dust, they were a GREAT quick and easy make and take to leave on the table, instructions included, when I had ZERO time to prep! So subscription? CHECK! I can't give up this sweet monthly treat!!!

Case inserts on the other hand... here's the deal. My computer is on it's last leg (or whatever the computer equivalent of a leg would be) so it's not as easy as it once was to create the insert and post it. HOWEVER, if there are enough people who use them, please leave a comment below and I will continue. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to be done. I have no idea how many people really do use these printables. So, if I can get say... 50? comments below I'll continue. That being said, here are a few printable case inserts of the past few months and a fun alternate project I made for my little entryway display shelf with this months SUPER CUTE kit!!!

Printable for May
 Printables for April
March printable is in the works... check back soon. I'll also have printables for a few of the stamp sets that are exclusive to card kits! (Watercolor Wishes & Oh Happy Day...) 

Also, don't forget to leave your comments! Otherwise, once I finish what I've already started, this will be the end of the printable case inserts. Just let me know if you use the case insert or not! Thanks for stopping by!