Friday, February 3, 2017

Adhesive Remover to the rescue!

Have you ever made a card and just when you had it almost finished, a smear, a fingerprint or excess adhesive RUINED it? That was my card today. I ran a strip of snail adhesive and then placed some of that beautiful Very Vanilla Satin Ribbon on it and realized the snail trail was wider than the ribbon! Dang it! I was really sad for about a minute until I remembered this magical tool in my drawer! A mere $3.50 and my card was SAVED! SO glad I splurged on that one! 😉

You use it just like you would a regular eraser. Instead of erasing pencil marks, it erases adhesive! Isn't it awesome?!?

Definitely worth the $3.50! And that card -- definitely worth signing up to my newsletter to see the whole shebang as well as other exclusives! wink wink. Now if only someone could invent an ink smudge eraser...

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