Saturday, September 9, 2017

Minimalist Craft Room

I know you're thinking the title of this blog post is an oxymoron, and I kind-of agree with you. HOW can a crafter be a minimalist right? Well, OUR minimalism might not look like the rest of the Pinterest minimalist world, but it CAN be done!

Remember how I moved my craft room into one desk (and several shelves, in my front room)? Well, the past couple of weeks (while we were literally stranded inside due to the flooding all over Houston from Hurricane Harvey) I cleaned out my entryway rooms, AND the guest room, and turned that mostly unused space back into my craft room/office. (I also started a teaching French from home job, so I promise, it's much more useful this way! Bonus, my craft supplies have less chance of being ruined if they are on the 2nd floor!)

ANYWAY, to make a long story just a little shorter, I think I'm on to something with this "minimalist crafting" idea. And you know what conveniently fits into my idea of minimalism? Paper Pumpkin of course!!! Have you signed up yet???

If you're not convinced yet, just keep coming back and you soon will be! Tomorrow I will publish the first video in an ongoing monthly series of how to get the most for your money by helping you get more use out of those must have items from the Stampin' Up! catalog AND that amazing all-inclusive monthly craft kit in a box... Paper Pumpkin!

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