Friday, November 3, 2017

Houston Astros Day

Listen, I know I promised you a quick and easy video today, but I have a really good excuse! So, you may have not heard, but the Houston Astros won the World Series this year... I know. They're my 2nd favorite team. (Yes, 3/4th of my family are Cubs fans, and the other 1/4th is a huge Astros fan! What a lucky family right??? Well, lucky this year and last year... the past 108 years...not so much.)

ANYWAY. There was a parade and celebration today that was a HUGE. DEAL. (Remember how we live in Houston? Yeah.) My kids entire school watched the celebration in the cafeteria. (Best. School. EVER!) The governor of Texas even declared it Houston Astros Day. I tried to find a picture of his "excusal letter" he showed during the celebration, but to no avail. It was pretty funny though. He presents these official declarations and then says for everyone else he has this letter: Please excuse (fill in the blank) today from []school []work []errands.... etc. etc. It was pretty awesome. Awesome to live in a community that pulls together in the face of disaster. Awesome that we have so much to celebrate after (and still amid) such devastation. Life is full of ups and downs.

Long story short, I'll have that video for you on Monday. Thanks for checking in. Now go celebrate!

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