Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm a schizophrenic....and so am I.

Who doesn't love a little What About Bob? (Even though this quote drove me nuts when I was taking AP Psychology... schizophrenia is NOT multiple personality disorder. I should know...and so should I. haha. Couldn't resist!) Anyway, I apologize for the back and forth between holidays, but seriously people. THE HOLIDAYS. They start with Halloween and end with.... what.... Easter??? And then the 4th of July is right there in the middle of summer to tide us over for a few months. I LOVE celebratin'!

Ok I totally said that like a Texan. On purpose of course. ;) Stampin' Up! released this CUTE stamp set today. Pretty sure this redheaded Texan NEEDS it!!! (And no, I don't listen to country music.)

Anyway, that was a fun little surprise this morning. Then I finished this little baby for a swap.

I was so pleased with how it turned out! I was stuck FOREVER with the Freaky Friends stamped in black on the Tangelo Twist cardstock and had no idea how to salvage it. Google of course came to the rescue (as well as my sister Julienne's listening ear) with this image that inspired me.

All those paper decorations made me think of those paper rosettes used a TON for home decor these days. Then I thought of this awesome stamp set called Starburst Sayings. Super cute. This image (shown in the closeup of the card) ALSO reminded me of those paper rosettes. Done and done! Except I might want to add a few more of those stamped "rosettes". Hmm. Love em.

The excitement doesn't stop there! Right when I finished the card and started lunch for the littles, ding-dong! The UPS man (Brown Ho-Ho according to Evan) brought me the funnest box of goodies I've ever received! (There was even a sweet little card inside from the girl who packed it up! Thanks Julia!) Lots of goodies, but right on top was the HALLOWEEN WREATH!!!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited to put that bad boy together!!!!! 
You can probably guess what I'll be posting about tomorrow! ;)

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