Sunday, August 31, 2014

Technique: Embossed Kissing

Sounds fun right? Haha! I made a bunch of swatch cards for a SWAP at an event in Austin using the "Embossed Kissing" technique. All you have to do is ink up a stamp (a solid design works best, like this paint swish from "Work of Art")

Then ink up an embossing folder (one of my FAVORITE tools! So versatile!).

Then you stamp onto the embossing folder (this is the kiss)

then stamp the paper! Super easy!

Here's a fun but simple card:

A few things I discovered (in no particular order):
*Using darker ink on the embossing folder and lighter ink on the stamp works a little better, but look! I did the opposite and it still worked! :D
*Get your ink just right for best results. Not too wet, not too dry... especially on the embossing folder. If you have excess ink on the background it can transfer to the stamp, depending on how hard the kiss is. ;) which leads to the next tip:
*In the words of John Keats: Now a soft kiss, aye by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.
 (Just stamp lightly on the embossing folder for best results.)

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