Friday, June 19, 2015


Let me start by telling you a little story... the first original card I ever made and sent was a disaster. The card itself turned out GREAT, but it didn't arrive safely. All the little pieces that covered the front of the card fell off. I'd like to blame the Houston heat, but let's be honest... it was the adhesive! (Or lack thereof.) Way back then we didn't have fast fuse, and I had used my snail adhesive very sparingly. LUCKILY, this will never happen again, A. because we now have FAST FUSE adhesive (my favorite!!!) and B. I'm a little bit more liberal with my adhesive because of this sad story.

Honestly, I rarely use my snail adhesive anymore. I do bring it out for my monthly card classes, workshops and whenever I'm stamping with a friend, but it's for them, not me. I want everyone to experience the awesomeness that is Fast Fuse! It's quick and easy like snail, but STRONG like sticky strip! So if you haven't fallen in love with this adhesive yet, watch this video for some tips and tricks! You'll never go back.

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