Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hot Rod!

Ok is anyone else experiencing a crazy burst of creativity now that some of your favorite products are going away??? There's nothing like a last minute deadline to get me going! NOT a bad thing! I also finally decided to join in on a challenge! (Always great for giving you a place to start!) This is TGIF Challenges!: #tgifc56- For Dudes. Masculine cards are always challenging because I love to add sparkle! I think I figured out that some SHINE is fine. (Poetic. haha)

I make cards so I can send out awesome birthday cards to my siblings, their spouses, and their children (which equals somewhere around 50 people). Usually, I get my birthday cards made and ready to send and then realize it will be sent ON the actual birthday or even a date later...oopsie. But not today! (Megamind voice)

I'm a WHOLE MONTH EARLY on this one! Father's Day is June 19th, and what better stamp set to use than Guy Greetings! Especially when your Dad owns this:

I'm not an experienced flame draw-er, but I think the custom paint job on this card turned out great. It's a keeper. I love making cards unique so the recipient KNOWS it was made just for them. These are the cards that will be kept forever. It's just a little way to say "YOU are important to ME."

Again I used that beautiful typeset DSP. What are we ever going to do without it?? A fun fact on this card: that gold strip on the front? It's a leftover piece from the tin of cards kit. I LOVE kits for a quick yet awesome card! And there are always LOTS of leftovers so you can still use your own creativity!

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  1. Oops. Was I suppost to see this?
    Red Car, Red Head, Red Hot!

    1. Dad!!! I thought my secret was safe here! Since when do you read my blog? :) Love you. (P.S. That was QT's car.) ;)

  2. haha - I love that your dad surprised you and read your blog - too funny! Love the custom paint job - think the flames looks amazing! Thanks for playing along with us this week Krystal!

  3. Haha! And I thought this was my safe spot. ;) Thanks again Holly! :)