Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tap Tap Shakin' Thank You!

School's out in 3 days! We have been counting down for weeks! I remember the excitement as a child as school drew near to an end. The last days were filled with SLAM books, photos of friends, and cleaning of classrooms & desks. (We were always grossed out by all the gum that HAD to be scraped off.) 

I taught French for 5 years, and believe me, teachers are ALMOST as excited for the last day of school as the students. Now I'm experiencing the last week of school for the first time as a parent. I can't wait to have my sweet Kindergartner home with me all day! One of my favorite things is to listen to him & his little sister play together. They really are best buddies. They fight like all siblings do, but they're over it and playing again within a matter of minutes. It just breaks their tender hearts to see the other one sad.
Sophie was so lonely when her best friend left her for school!

I can't believe how fast they are growing up, and I can't believe how much they've grown just this school year! I was just flipping through photos and Sophie still had her binky last fall! That seems like AGES ago! (Seriously. She acts like she's 13 now.) It's fun to have milestones like the first and last days of school to compare the progress and growth. I'll tell you one thing is for CERTAIN, there are a LOT of people to thank for helping these kids (and every kid) grow! It takes a village, doesn't it? Now is a great time to give a final shout out to those who have helped mould these young minds. I know I don't express it as often as I could. Take it from a "retired" teacher, you cannot hear the simple words "THANK YOU!" enough! 

I've been so inspired by the new catalog that I was a little stumped today. I can't wait to get my new goodies!!! But I really wanted to make an awesome card for an awesome teacher. So I turned to Splitcoast Stampers to see what their weekly challenges were and found inspiration from the Inspiration Challenge! (what else?) IC547 is all about shaker cards and the idea for this one just popped into my mind. (Of course I had to use my favorite stamp set at least one last time!)

I created this as a grand finale Thank You for the year! It was a fun one to make, and who doesn't get excited about a shaker card?? Even you crazy glitter-phobes can enjoy the sparkle contained behind the window. ;) There are a lot of little pieces to this card, but it came together pretty quickly! I used a lot of great punches, which are a quick and easy way to add an embellishment and step up your card! 

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