Monday, August 5, 2019

Dinoroar Birthday Party

One of the very first pages I saw in the 2019-2020 Stampin' Up! Annual Catalog was of the Dinoroar Suite. I nearly hyperventilated I was so excited! It was MADE for Sophie!!! Not only dinosaurs but PINK dinosaurs!!! It was PERFECT! I knew we would use it for her birthday party this year!

Here are some thank you gift bag tags I made using the Dino Days Stamp Set and Dino Dies, as well as the Dinoroar Designer Series Paper.

Stampin' Up! Dinoroar Party Goody Bags

Stampin' Up! Dinoroar T-Rex Tag

Stampin' Up! Dinoroar Stegosaurus Tag

Here's the birthday girl with the dinosaur goody bags: 

Product List

We decided to go with a "tropical" dinosaur theme. I found this amazing tropical garland and we put up pink streamers so our family room looked like a tropical circus tent!

We started the party with each guest making their own dinosaur sand art: 

Then we played a DIY Tricera-toss game:

While the boys went to pick up dinner from Chick-fil-a, we continued the party by putting together dinosaur puzzles (made by Sophie!) and playing with the glow sticks from the Tricera-toss game while I prepped the food. I found these fun tropical and sparkly pink plates for dinner and cake and ice-cream! 

I had big plans to create a cake to match the DSP, but when Sophie saw this Jurassic Park design at HEB, she knew it was the one! 

With 20 minutes left we decided to open presents and pass out the goody bags! Inside the bags, we included all kinds of tropical favors:

 It was the perfect party for my dinosaur loving girl and I was SO glad to have the pink dinosaur inspiration from Stampin' Up!

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