Friday, November 25, 2016

Stay home & craft instead!

Black Friday. I think it started out just as a phrase to indicate the day when retail stores were indeed in the black - making money. It has turned into utter chaos! The fact that my sister can't even attend Thanksgiving dinner because she has to set up for shoppers to come in at 6:00 ON THANKSGIVING is RIDICULOUS. Yes, I admit to having been part of the madness at one point. I was pregnant with my firstborn and he revolted from the start. I believe it was the first time I actually had morning SICKNESS while pregnant. That was the last time I ever got up at zero dark thirty to get a good deal. That is why the internet was invented people! That and so you can stay home in your jammies and make fun things instead! Grab your stash of paper and enjoy this fun, quick & easy tutorial! 4 gifts out of ONE piece of 12x12 paper! You're welcome.

FYI, I really did TRY to make a printable template, but it was much easier to make a video. The measurements for cutting are: 3 1" strips from the bottom (cut 3" off each), then 4" for each gift card (there will be 3).

Scoring measurements: bottom of gift card holder 4 1/2", 3 1/4". 2" then flip it around and score at 1 3/4"

Let me know if you have any questions! Things always make sense in my head...not so much when I say them out loud. haha!

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