Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza 2016 starts MONDAY!

4 PAGES OF DEALS!!! That's how many items are on sale up to 40% off! There are even special bundles put together JUST for the occasion! Start making your list and checking it twice because these deals sell out fast!!!

Black Friday sales CAN be a little overwhelming, so I'm going to tell you exactly what you need to know. It helps to go in with a game plan. Look at this deal as if in two parts. There are 2 separate 24 hour deals happening on Monday the 21st & Monday the 28th. Split your wishlist into these days. That way you can save on shipping, and still take advantage of all the amazing deals! I recommend using 2 different colors of highlighters or making 2 separate lists for each order.  Also, I am offering a free gift with every purchase, so be sure to use the
hostess code: YFDCJZXK 
to get your free gift! (And YES if you place 2 separate orders, you WILL get 2 special gifts!)

1st order- MONDAY November 21st
Here is the first 24 hour sale happening on Monday! Notice those first 2 bundles?? They were put together exclusively for this sale! I'm telling you, you need one of every single one of these items! All of the above? CHECK!


 Now, go through this list and highlight/write down all the items you want that are marked with ** or ***. This means they are while supplies last only! You will want to add these to your FIRST order on the 21st. (And don't forget the hostess code if you want a free gift from me! I really want you to have one!!!)

Ok, now that you have all your "while supplies last" items written down, put it somewhere that you won't lose it!!! And set 5 alarms so you don't forget!

2nd order: Monday November 28th
Now go through the above list of discounted items and mark/write down anything that isn't as urgent. (Anything without a ** or ***) While there is a possibility these items could go on backorder, they are NOT while supplies last. Thank goodness! When you are done making note of those items  add any items from the following sale. (Honestly, if you don't have the magnetic platform, IT IS TIME!!!)


If you already have everything on the 2nd 24 hour sale, go ahead and just combine ALL your products onto one order. IF your total is over $150, DO NOT use the hostess code provided above. You will get more free product because of your awesome order!

I'm looking forward to shopping online with you next week! Let me know if you have any questions! Check back daily for projects using these products! Also, if you would like a printable copy of the sale products, sign up for my newsletter TODAY!

Happy shopping!!!

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